Jan 5, 2014

I haven't blogged in two weeks.
. . . or has it been three weeks?
Regardless, it's a record for me and I'm ok with it.
I unintentionally took some time off.
Nothing major, just silly life.
I kinda enjoyed it.
Is that bad?
No pressure to post daily.
No late nights staring at a computer screen (after I had been staring at a computer screen most of the day at work).

With it being the first week after New Years Day, and everyone is coming down off of their New Year's resolution high and basking in the failure that inevitably comes with it (man that was negative) I wanted to share some excuses with y'all.

Excuses for my poor blogging lately:
1) Work
Josh and I were both putting in 12 hour days for the majority of the month of December.
You know, the whole "I met my deductible so I demand to have surgery NOW" thing really kicked our butts.
To prove my point, in the entire month of December, we had one home cooked meal (because I got off work at 4 one day, wahoo)
2) My family went to Disney and I was off work for the entire week of Christmas.
That whole vacation mindset sank in, and I wanted to do absolutely nothing productive.
3) I have felt like a terrible blogger lately because of my abundance of horrible quality iPhone photos.
No worries,  I dusted off the DSLR over the holidays and I got a new iPhone for Christmas.
Only good photos are coming from here on out.
4) Instagramming is so much easier than blogging.

On that note, excuses are crap.
Who cares.
Thanks to Josh's daily "you never blog anymore" comments, I'm back.
He's really sick of seeing Portland Part 2.
I have so many posts up my sleeves it's ridiculous.
I even have plenty of pre-written ones in my arsenal from November that for some reason I never posted.
Prepare yoself.
Oh, and I learned to knit.
Gasp. A post with no photos. I'm more ashamed of myself than you are of me, no worries.


Morgan said...

so fun to see you pop back up in my bloglovin feed!

pressure to post always takes all of the fun out of blogging anyway, glad you got to take some time off. & boo to long work days. maybe it will be tougher for people to meet their deductibles in 2014, what with all the insurance changes and such, so here's to hoping the end of this year is not as busy ;-) ha

Leah said...

You crack me up! :)

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