Our surprise anniversary trip destination is...

Nov 27, 2013

I can hardly contain my excitement as we sit at the airport waiting to the board a plane that is heading to a city we've been wanting to visit for years. 
Our love for the pacific northwest is rather intense, and I just know this city is going to blow my mind.
No expectations though, right?
Josh is the greatest.
I don't know much about his plans, but I do know that we will have a rental car.
I'm hoping this means we can venture outside of the city a little bit to see what all Oregon has to offer.
Please let me know if you have any recommendations or must-sees for the area!


Jess said...

You lucky duck! My favorite restaurant in Portland is Montage. They have incredible macaroni and cheese. They also make your leftovers into beautiful tin foil art. Double yum!

A and B said...

Yay! I love love love Portland! Ken's Bakery has amazing canneles (nw portland). And you must visit Powells and browse the books! Dig a Pony is a super super trendy bar where you can see Portland hipsters in their element. Anyways, we are heading out of New Orleans and off to texas in a few days, any recommendations for me!?

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