Friday's Letters

Feb 21, 2014

Dear Charlie,
Since when did you develop human elbows?
Marry me.
Dear butternut squash,
Although I learned the hard way, I'm overjoyed to find out that you exist in a pre-diced form.
Dear crawfish season,
We welcome you back with open arms and burning eyeballs. 
Dear Perkins and Chase,
In eight weeks you will have some new bling on your fingers, be bound together for life, and most importantly, you will be living two hours closer to us!
Dear Superior Margaritas,
You've never been held by a cuter cup.
Dear boys of Sigma Nu,
I still get chills (and only cry an average of two tears) when you sing the brotherhood song in a drunken stupor at the occasional wedding reception.
It's almost like bid day, right?
Dear secondary fermentation,
You mark the halfway point between Josh and his beer.
I truly don't know how he has even lasted this long.
(That's what she said)
Dear Josh,
I know you think it's hilarious to have our co-workers text you awkward pictures of me in action, but just so you know, I'm a professional, serious Physician Assistant who means business.
. . . not a beekeeper nor an astronaut.
Dear Moscow Mule,
Now that I finally found the perfect copper mug, I can drink you in peace and harmony.
Dear Self (who has only successfully maintained plastic flower filled planters),
Since you managed to keep real tulips alive for an entire week, just go ahead and cut them, then put them in a jar to die a cuter death.
P.S. Huge thanks to Personal Creations for the precious mason jars!
They have some truly wonderful ideas if you are in the market for a one of a kind gift.

Hooray for Friday y'all!


Unknown said...

oh my gosh, your dog is cracking me up with that photo!

Rachel said...

charlie kills me. He really thinks he is a people, doesn't he?

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