Smalentine's Day

Feb 17, 2014

Last year Valentine's Day was on a Thursday.
I was two weeks into my new job and hadn't received a paycheck yet.
We enjoyed a nice $10 all you can eat sushi conveyor belt dinner and gifted each other cheap vinyls.
This year was a tad bit different, but we still gifted each other vinyls.
Somewhere between all the "look what my incredible Valentine gave me" and "Valentine's Day is the dumbest holiday ever" posts, I posted some equally terrible photos on the world wide webzzz.
In case you missed them, here's a recap:

I stopped by a new local bakery (Unrefined Bakery) to gather treats for our guests who stayed last weekend.
GMO free, gluten free, preservative free treats.
While jogging, I came across this really silly love letter in the sky from Josh.
He really shouldn't have.
I spoiled Josh with probably the greatest treat of all time.
. . . and he spoiled me in return with the cheesiest gift of all time.
(Much more on that coming soon!)
As a method of avoiding the crowds (and as an excuse to drink five beers with dinner) we got reservations for a beer pairing at a nearby pub.
In my opinion, the food trumped the beer.
I had to include the menu because it was truly phenomenal.

Our favorite course was the oyster rockefeller soup.
Sounds odd, but it was the perfect combination of fresh gulf oysters, cream, spinach, and bacon.
Highlight of our mouth's lives.
We hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day as well.
  Although I was informed via every social media post ever that you should treat every day as if it were Valentine's Day and show love alllllllll the time, they failed to mention the part that sometimes it gets hard to pretend like it is Valentine's Day every day when you are surrounded in a cloud of atomic fart.

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