The cheesiest gift of all

Feb 18, 2014

Josh is well aware that cheese is the way to my heart.
Once upon a time, he got me a subscription to the cheese of the month club.
This Valentine's Day he gave me a deluxe DIY cheese kit.
He did some extensive research and came across the Etsy shop Urban Cheese Craft.
After he showed me this mini documentary on Etsy, I kind of fell in love with Claudia Lucero and her brilliant Portland based company.

I'm not gonna lie, I was rather intimidated by the whole DIY cheese process.
I was terribly shocked to find out that it was so darn easy.
Like making easy-mac easy.
The kit comes with everything you need (besides a gallon of milk).
Call me naive or ignorant or whatever you want, but I honestly never knew that this was curds and whey.
Some citric acid here, some Rennet tablets there, and we've got cheese!
When we brew beer, I'm extremely OCD when it comes to minor details like temperatures, contamination, and measurements so I was pretty obsessive with the cheese process as well.
. . . then I just felt the need to braid the cheese.
Why did I braid cheese?
Side note: Josh was so excited about me making this cheese that he voluntarily documented the whole process without me even asking.
That's some darn cute mozz though, amiright?

1 comment:

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Wow this looks so cool! :) I just love cheese and would love trying something like this!

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