Love Letters

Mar 27, 2014

I think I'm losing the ability to keep up with any sort of  regular blogging pattern.
With that being said, I'm converting "Friday's Letters" to "Love Letters" ok? 
. . . because who wants these silly letters to be tied down to one day in particular (and who really cares?)

Dear Texas,
Celebrating your birthday gave me the perfect excuse to wear boots, shave my legs, and wear a chambray dress.
In true Texas fashion, we experienced 80 degrees followed by a freak snow/sleet/hailstorm in less than 24 hours.
Go home, you're drunk.
Dear climbing,
Although it's been a while since we dusted off our harnesses, you inspired us to get an indoor climbing gym membership.
 . . . then we felt like some took a baseball bat to our forearms for about a week and changed our minds.
Dear Charles,
Don't get too used to this buddy.
Big life changing things are coming your way soon.
Dear Engagement Parties,
I'm glad you are a thing.
I absolutely love dressing up and eating party food and drinking party drinks all in the name of love and marriage.
. . . but how gorgeous is this little bride-to-be?
Dear cutest drummer boy in all the land,
If I have children that have 1/8th of your white-washed jeans genes I'll be the happiest girl alive.
Dear flats,
Thanks for existing.
Why am I so painfully awkward in heels?
Dear Trader Joes,
I'm angry that I can't find anything in your store that I hate.
What's a girl gotta do to find something so terrible that I'm not tempted to eat the entire bag in one sitting?
Dear Full Sail Brewing,
Thanks for your extra bottle caps.
While making super cute caps, you've simultaneously developed a very dangerous drinking game.
Side note: After three months of getting back into the brew game, we finally get to try our beer tonight!
Full post coming soon.
Dear every blogger in the world,
I have so many blog posts in the works/in my brain, but not near enough time to crank them out!
I truly don't know how you do it (especially you mothers and full-time workers out there)
Major kudos to y'all!

1 comment:

Taylor said...

i know what you mean...i want to blog so much but NEEVR have the time! ugh.

now following you on gfc from my new blog!

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