Central Market Cooking School: Tex Mex Basics

Apr 15, 2014

For my birthday (wayyyyyy back in November) Josh surprised me with gift certificate to a Central Market's cooking class of my choice.
Due to many scheduling conflicts and the fact that the classes fill up so darn fast, we weren't able to register for a class until this month. 
After much deliberation (not really) we chose their Tex-Mex basics course.
Honestly, I picked this class so I could learn how not to burn pralines.
To my surprise, the praline recipe we would be cooking was actually the recipe of a famous local chef, Stephan Pyles.
They were incredible (if I do say so myself).
. . . as was the rest of the foot, and the class, and the instructors, and the sweet classmates.
Not only did we go home with some great recipes, but we also learned how to properly hold a knife (easier said that done) and how to dice correctly and safely.
THE pralines.
Personally, I think the magical ingredient was orange zest.
Here's the recipe, if you are interested.
You better be interested, or we can't be friends.
We also made our own tortillas for puffy tacos.
Next investment: a tortilla press
We also made stuffed jalapeƱos, salsa, guacamole, and tortas.
Our instructor (on the left) was so helpful.
Contrary to what you may believe, I'm the worst tomato dicer in the history of tomato dicers.
. . . but Josh is the greatest salsa taster in the history of salsa tasters.
We had a truly great time, and we already can't wait to do another class!

I hear they have a gourmet grilled cheese class . . . 

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