Meet Molly

Apr 9, 2014

Saturday we welcomed a new addition to our family: 
Molly is quite the energetic little monster and is constantly keeping us on our toes.
She has razor sharp teeth and the energy level of 39048290384329 five hour energies.
That's all I've got, but hey, that's a LOT of hours.
She's a snuggler and loves to annoy Charlie, with love bites of course.
She imitates his every move and follows him around like a puppy.
See what I did there?
When we found out Charlie's parents were having another litter, we couldn't wait to get a puppy.
One thing I really looked forward to was bringing Charlie to the breeder's home so that he could reunite with his parents and brothers.
Although I wasn't able to get many great pictures of them all together (because they were so rambunctious and could not sit still) I still managed to get a few individual photos.
One thing that stood out to me the most was all the similarities between Charlie and his parents.
The mannerisms, the attitudes, and the personalities were all identical.
If not for Charlie's weird layer of fluff, we wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between him and his dad.
This is Molly & Charlie's mom, Rihanna.

We were pretty nervous about how Charlie would handle another pup around the house, but during their first encounters at the breeder's house Charlie did great. 
He seemed a bit skittish, but Molly couldn't get enough of him.
She chased him all over the yard, and he never barked once.
He saved all the barking and growling for when we got home.
I think having Charlie around has helped Molly cope (or maybe she just thinks he is her dad because they look so similar?)
Is this getting weird how I am talking about dogs? I feel like it is.
It's just practice for raising humans, right?
Rihanna wasn't too sure about letting her baby go home with some strangers.
We aren't the biggest fans of crate training, so we attempted to put up a puppy gate to hold her in the guest bathroom during the day.
I covered it with a sheet (because I was paranoid she would get a paw or claw stuck in the gate itself) which did absolutely no good because it was knocked down within minutes.
Josh came home later (after he attempted to put the gate back up, with reinforcements) and was met at the door by sweet little Molly (gate still up, btw).
This is gonna be fun, I can tell.
Puppy dog eyes and breath and smell and paws and fur and bellies melt my heart.
They will be best friends soon, I'm sure of it.
P.S. Does anyone have an extra king size bed lying around?


Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Adorable! I love that last picture of them cuddling in bed. She looks precious.

brooke lyn said...

i am dying from the cuteness overload!!!!!

Leah said...

I just love both of them!! So adorable!! :) Hopefully Charlie will start behaving himself soon! ;)

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