Love Letters (to food, primarily)

Jun 6, 2014

We can't get enough of you.
I've made this recipe for pulled pork sliders (with sweet potato "buns") three times in the last two weeks. 
It truly is our favorite meal of anything I've probably ever made (and it's paleo/gluten free/blahblahblah)
You can find the recipe here.
Dear East Hampton Sandwich Co,
Not even some silly little rain drops will stand between me and your patio+sangria+my fave sammy.
Dear Steel City Pops,
Thanks for expanding to Dallas.
Your ridiculously fresh blueberry basil popsicle made me cry from happiness.
Kidding, I don't cry over food (except for that one time at Pecan Lodge).
Dear breakfast,
You've gotten mighty hipster on me lately.
Maple quinoa granola + bananas + greek yogurt + local honey = bliss
Dear leftovers,
No man left behind!
Instead of letting our cranberry pistachio goat cheese die a moldy death, I just stuffed it inside some puff pastry.
I don't think it gets better than that (except for the pulled pork sliders, of course)
Dear sweetest little curly headed five year old with a wrist fracture,
It makes my heart SO happy to be able to fix your wrist (as well as the wrist of your little jaguar),
Dear Dutch Baby,
I'm rather angry that I've lived 26.5 years and never experienced you.
Part crepe. Part pancake. Pure genius.
Dear Josh,
Contrary to what you may believe, your new cool uber hipster shirt is called a chambray shirt, not a sham-wow shirt.
Dear Steel City Pops,
 Have I told you lately I love you?
Dear home brewing,
You are a tedious process that is teaching me more than I ever needed to know about patience.
Dear Mikey and Adrianna!
Cheers to you two for being SO brave and taking time off from the real world to spend the summer in Greece WWOOFing.
You are my latest and greatest role models and I love you to Mars and back.
Dear Mrs Laura,
Thanks for giving us this little daily reminder that fit so appropriately into our tiny home.
Dear most brilliant arcade game ever,
Where were you in college?
You would have fit right in at Ponchatoulas.
Dear Bahama Bucks,
I don't know what I love more, your toasted coconut snow cone or the fact that you have color changing spoons.
You give me flashback to 90's cereal prizes and I'm never throwing you away.
Dear shy, introverted self,
Doesn't it feel great to make new local friends?
So thankful for an encouraging husband (and social media) for helping a sister out in the bravery department.

Happy Friday y'all! 

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Shelley said...

thank goodness it's lunch time because i'm starving after looking at all of that food :)

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