Love Letters

Jun 20, 2014

This past week was filled with many celebrations:
Father's day, my dad's 50th birthday, and Josh's 27th birthday.
In our family, birthdays (and any occasion, really) are celebrated most appropriately with food.
Also, now that we are of age to partake in adult beverages, we have recently begun to include alcohol in these celebrations as well.
. . . bout darn time.

Dear Ft. Worth Stockyards,
You're kinda cool I guess.
Dear Ft. Worth Stockyards,
Okayyyyy, you can drink beer walking down the street and look at bulls, maybe you aren't that bad.
 Dear Morgan,
After our first blogger blind date way back when, I've been creeping hard on your blog and vicariously living through you and Andrew's ever-changing life.
I'm so glad we were able to catch up, but most importantly I'm glad I got to meet sweet baby Opal!
 Dear Brewed,
You win the award for cutest restaurant/bar/coffee shop combo around.
 Dear Josh,
Your preparedness never ceases to amaze me.
You taught me a valuable life lesson that day: Always have empty growlers on hand in case you come upon a beer fillin' station.
Dear leftover pulled pork from THE GREATEST RECIPE I'VE EVER MADE
Tuck you inside of some tortillas and you work quite nicely with some diced sweet potatoes, cheese, and avo. 
 Dear Josh, 
If bribing you with beer is what it takes to get you to come to the pool with me then so be it.
Wait, no, so don't be it.
 Dear Southern Tier creme brûlée beer,
Although you may not be the most drinkable beer of all time, you sure did work some magic on my salted caramels.
 Dear Dad,
Happy Father's Day & 50th Birthday!
Thanks for raising me right (by taking me to my first brewery at the ripe age of 6 months)
 Dear PBR,
You've now got some competition for the most hipster beer of all time.
 Dear Dad,
So glad I got to spend your birthday AND father's day with you.
I always knew I was your favorite :)
 Dear Hypnotic Donuts,
Please don't ever stop being so darn perfect.
Your Jim's chicken sandwich has singlehandedly changed Dad's life.
(Not pictured, but just imagine: crunchy fried chicken on a toasted syrupy donut with siracha)
Dear Mexican Sugar,
I think it's safe to say your mimosa bar is the freshest thang in town.
Guava, passionfruit, mango combo? 
Yes please!
 Dear Dad, Josh, and Taylor,
Happy Birthday.
For the 99th time.
 Dear previously mentioned beer sea salted caramels,
You make a great dinner.
Dear cute, hipster little baby Josh,
I'm glad you were born, bro.
 Dear Mimi (Josh's grandmother),
Thanks for saving these items from Josh's first birthday.
I can't wait to use them at our future, imaginary kiddo's first birthday party.
 Dear Emporium Pies + Sweetwater Beer (that dad smuggled across the border),
I don't think there's anything that could have made the birthday boy happier.
 Dear Josh's new "one selfie minimum" rule,
You are the worst rule and I hate you and you make my photos look like they were taken on a Motorola RAZR.
 Dear most thoughtful friends Signe & Chad,
We  can't thank y'all enough for the sweet "going away but come back soon" package you gave us.
I think it's fair to say we now have all the essentials for a European vacay, including 20 pesos and face masks (we don't want no SARS, ya hear?)

Happy Friday, folks!

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