Wedding showers are my favorite

Jun 4, 2014

This year I have the privilege of being in the weddings of three of my closest friends.
 When it comes to weddings, there is honestly nothing that I love more than showers (wedding cake comes in a close second).
Showers are the greatest.
I adore everything about them.
Gifts and snacks and socializing.
. . . but mainly snacks.
This spring, I helped host a "mimosas & monograms" themed shower for Emily and also a "southern comfort food" themed kitchen shower for Nicole.
Each of the showers came together so well thanks to the help of all the hostesses.
Being surrounded by dudes 99% of the day at work and home, I can't explain how happy it makes me to be able to get together with girls (and eat and gossip and drink and gossip).
How sweet were Emily's hostess gifts?
She made those cookies herself!
Nicole's kitchen shower was the shower my dreams are made of:
Mimosas, shrimp & grits, Chick-fil-A chicken minis, AND A BISCUIT BAR (with homemade butters and jellies)
True story.
There were also deviled eggs. 
I don't dream about deviled eggs, but I feel like that needed to make the list.
She got completely spoiled with so many great kitchen gadgets and she was also given recipes from all of the women in her life.
Most recently, we also had the chance to celebrate Elizabeth & Jason's engagement.
We enjoyed a night of great food (all made by her incredible mom) and ample amounts of alcohol at her uncle's lake house in Louisiana.
The night wouldn't have been a success if few people hadn't ended up in the pool.
Matrons of honor sandwich, y'all.
Elizabeth's mom also had the great idea for me to create a "congratulations" banner using photos from all of Liz and Jason's friends.
It really came out great, and the only reason I say that is because it made Liz cry.
My personal favorite thing from the night was the cake (naturally).
The bakery decorated their cake using silhouettes from Elizabeth and Jason's iconic engagement photo.
I don't use the word iconic lightly, their photo is legitimately the greatest engagement photo of all time.
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such great women and I love taking any opportunity I have to spoil them.
Every girl truly deserves it (especially for patiently tolerating the excruciating wait for a silly boy to make up his mind to propose, amiright?)

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