Aug 6, 2014

Hands down, one of my biggest fears is death.
Not necessarily my death, more-so the death of other people.
My death paranoia is so intense that if I'm ever leaving someone I'm close to (even if it's just for a day or a few hours) I'm always sure to tell them I love them.
If Josh doesn't answer my phone call, I immediately assume his lame excuse for a vehicle exploded on him and he died.
I remember crying myself to sleep as a child worrying that my parents would someday die.
As soon as I saw this viral video, I had so many flashbacks to those feelings as a kid.
Buzzfeed said it best:
The struggle is real, sister.

. . . speaking of death, this blog hasn't died.
Although I contemplate killing it, daily, I've got some posts up my sleeve that I'm dying to get from my brain onto the screen.
Unfortunately, Josh has finally sucked me into the black hole that is Breaking Bad.
I caved.
See ya never.

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