Love Letters {#FoodPorn Edition}

Aug 29, 2014

A lot has happened in my mouth since I lasted updated this thing we call a blawg.
Aside from the fact that I've had thirteen cavities filled, I've also been stuffing my face with some pretty great things.
I'm just going to write one all-encompassing letter to these foods, because any more than one letter to food would just be plain weird.
Dear all of the wonderful eats my mouth has had the privilege of experiencing lately,
Thanks for existing and thanks for the cavities.
I had the most excellent lemon poppyseed pancakes at Whiskey Cake.
. . . topped with maple cream and blueberry compote.
I finally experienced that magic that is a Rainier cherry.
I hope that right now you are judging me for just now learning that they existed.
Josh spoiled me with an authentic American breakfast for the Fourth of July.
I came across my Portland coffee crush, Stumptown, at a local grocery store.
Hallelujah, praise the Lort! 
I was finally brave enough to order the Fluffernutter from the kid's menu at East Hampton Sandwich Co.
A sandwich makes a perfectly suitable dessert, right?
I got pretty darn creative with some popsicles this summer.
The pups approved.
These shrimp and goat cheese crepes from our weekend trip to New Orleans might just win the award for my favorite meal of 2014.
I think I also my have found my all time favorite Moscow Mule (at TruFire Kitchen and Bar).
The secret ingredient: blueberries. 
Another random, stressful Sprinkles ice cream combination for the win:
Smore's ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies
I also got a salted oatmeal cornflake cookie for a snack later that day and immediately regretted not sandwiching the smokes ice cream between that. 
Of all the times we've been to HopDoddy, I've never once tried a shake.
I recently divulged in the salted caramel shake and melted in the ooey gooey, custardy perfection of it all.
My brother Michael has been begging us to try Smoke for the last few months.
He finally convinced us this weekend and we think we have found our new all-time favorite Dallas brunch spot.
Pictured above: 
Pulled whole hog bbq eggs benedict with goat cheese potato cakes and cheese grits casserole.
Last week's homemade dinner:
The cheeeeesiest chicken and spinach frittata with a sweet potato crust.
It was damn good.
I don't think I've ever cursed on this blog before, but that meal was worth a curse.

It's the best.


brooke lyn said...

and now i am hungry. ps. come back to portland and let's have a stump town date!

Anonymous said...

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