Happy 24th Josh!

Jun 17, 2011

Happy 24th you old man!

Here's a little montage of your birthdays through the years...

I believe we celebrated your 20th watchin the Molly Ringwalds in Monroe...

...anddddddddd The Big 2-1

 And for some reason the big 2-2 seemed a lot bigger than 21...

Not sure why birthdays 19 and 23 weren't document (that's so not like me). 
I guess they weren't thaaaaaaaaaat exciting anyways.
All you can do when you turn 19 is get into Rabbs, and 23 is just a hard number to remember :)

I've been workin hard, slaving over a hot stove cookin up all your favorite treats...

Funfetti double dooooooozies

It wouldn't be peach season without eatin the worlds best Ruston peach pie :)

Oh yea, all that plus a gallon of insulin :)

Happy Birthday Babe!  I lovvvvvvvve you!

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