Northwest Trip Part 3: Seattle

Jun 21, 2011

After our little detour in Vancouver, we headed back to our favorite city in the country, Seattle

This is probably my favorite park in the city...

Conveniently...Eddie Vedder (who is from Seattle) was releasing his solo cd the week we were in town

Our names in the guest book from last time!

After a long night at Floyd's our favorite place in the world to go to is Metropolitan Market
It blows Whole Foods out of the water...

I found this little creature hiding behind the plants...

I'm not usually one to care to much about flowers...but I'm in love with their flower selection

Not to mention their CHEESE selection! mmmmmmmmmm

But the main reason we go there is to get BabyCakes cupcakes...
The check out man laughed hysterically when he saw me holding them.
He said, "Four minutes til we stop selling alcohol...most people get a 6 pack of beer, not a 6 pack of cupcakes..."

The space needle at night...

"They have old antique desks here!"

The next mornin we had a whole day of being obnoxious tourists...

They were making cheese!

THE gum wall! I was so pumped to finally be able to make it here. After finding out about the gum wall in San Luis Obispo, CA right after we returned from Cali, I was pretty bummed that we missed seeing it. But no worries, there are two gum walls in America :)

Always the jokester...that was really his gum, for any of you germaphobes out there...

The original Starbucks...we think

We are getting pretty good at gettin lucky with our restaurant selections

Next stop...REI's flagship store. Josh's dreams come true.

It had everything. Literally. Everything.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

We couldn't come to Seattle without stopping at the best record store in the world...Easy Street Records.
After all, they are Sasquatch and Fleet Foxes supporters.

 Our Easy Street Purchases:

We met up with our hitchhiker friends to give them our ice chest (and it's contents) since we couldn't fly back with it all. We didn't want it to go to waste, right?

We were planning on taking a ride on their sailboat, but it was pretty rainy out, so they just gave us a quick tour of the boat and harbor!

I lovvved these little houseboats!

They also took us to see the Fremont Troll!
He was so big, he's holding an actual VW Bug!

 On our drive back to the airport, we grabbed a quick bite at Red Mill Burgers...for the best burger in the world with their famous Red Mill Sauce.
(and forgot to take a picture)

But I did get a pic of their mile high stack of bacon...

Next adventure:

Red Rocks Amphitheater with Maggie for The Avett Brothers & Grace Potter Concert!

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