Nicaragua: The Sights

Feb 15, 2012

Two summers ago, I had the privilege of going on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua with my church. 
A few surgeons, nurses, and other medical personnel from my hometown were able to go on the week long trip.
The group performed a few knee replacements, saw patients in a clinic, and also held a little vacation Bible school.
This trip had a huge impact on my life, and for the next three days I will be posting about the experience.

The first post will be on some of the beautiful sights we were able to come across.
While in this wonderful country, I got to see a lot of firsts:
My first Pacific sunset, my first wild monkey, and my first volcano!

This was the house we stayed in for the week.

I was entertained by the Nicaraguan birthday party.

The whole group went zip lining through the jungle!

. . . and we saw real live wild monkeys! 

On our first night there, we made it to the beach just in time to see a sunset over the Pacific!

No words.

I love eggs, but not that much.

Borden, my sweet neighbor/K-12th grade classmate/future doctor also was on the trip with us!

We got a tour of a school, and I was very impressed with the American artwork on the walls.

On one of the days off from surgery, we got to make a 45 minute trip to a nearby village.
This was the home of the village preacher (and was the nicest home in the village)
It was an incredibly humbling experience to meet these people, enhanced by the fact that we were the first white people for them to ever lay eyes on.

Because their village is so remote (and the cinderblocks are so heavy) they have been working on building this church for a few years.
Since this picture was taken in 2009, it would be interesting to know if the church has been completed by now.

I loved watched the ants carry huge leaves!
Just like A Bugs Life!

On our last day, we made a quick stop at Lake Nicaragua (I think? Or maybe it was Lake Managua?) for a group pic!
The volcano is over to the right, kinda hard to see it with the clouds and such. 

This truly was such a beautiful country, with even more beautiful people.

Coming next:
Nicaragua: The Mission and Nicaragua: The People


Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

It's so awesome that you were able to travel abroad like this for a medical mission with your church! I'm sure that it was a humbling experience indeed. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Contemplating Beauty said...

What a trip!!! I looked through all your photos and they are so telling, ...i was in Puebla Mexico in 2007, on a mission trip and fell in love with the kids's amazing what it does to your heart, isn't it?!
Really beautiful!!!

Emily said...

thank you so much! it definitely was amazing, hopefully i can go back one day...

Emily said...

yes! i couldn't agree more! i bet your trip was quite the experience as well, the children will truly break your heart. i wanted to give them everything in my backpack the whole week, haha, at one point i was seriously passing out all of my hair bands!

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