2012 is a big year

Jul 24, 2012

It's hard to believe that in the next few months I will become a Physician Assistant, a wife, and a Texas resident.

Graduation is 18 days away.
Panic attack.
I need to go read Who Moved My Cheese.

P.S. Our lovely school didn't send us the ordering information in time so we had the privilege of printing the invitations ourselves.
Thank goodness my mother is uuuuuuber talented, she whipped these bad boys up with the help of some $2.50 textured cards from Hobby Lobby


Unknown said...

Congratulations on graduating! Hope all goes well. Oh, and those invitations are the bomb - your mom must be amazing.

xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Look at you go girl! So much excitement and more to look forward to. And yay for your mama saving the day!

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