Weekend update

Jul 30, 2012

This weekend in Dallas was a rare weekend where we weren't playing host and hostess to any guests so we spent most of the weekend doing very important things.
Like eating and swimming and eating some more.

We had good intentions of eating at Good 2 Go Taco Friday night, until we made the 45 minute drive and realized they close at 3pm.
So we decided to test out the neighbor restaurant Goodfriend.
Great decision. 

 I discovered a beer cocktail.
Franconia wheat (remember the local brewery we toured?) with gin and grapefuit juice.
The perfect summer beverage.

. . . followed by a late night Whole Foods run.

We spent most of Saturday searching Dallas for a house.
Which ultimately led to this:

Sunday we decided to try again.
Which led to arguments and frustration and stress.
(Mostly due to the wide variety of options and locations in Dallas, and the fact that I don't have a clue where in this massive city I will be working, oh and money)
The argument was quickly resolved when we discussed that in the grand scheme of things, money doesn't matter at all, we will be provided for, and we truly don't require much to be happy and content.
(Remember this text?)

. . . then we took Charlie to play in White Rock Lake.

Side note: This little article was in the paper this weekend.

. . . speaking of the wedding, I snapped this while we met with our florist last week because I'm absolutely in love with these flowers.
Too bad I opted out of the whole yellow and grey color palette. 

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A and B said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! and what are those yellow ball flowers? They are so cool!

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