If we had a bazillion dollars to spend on a wedding . . .

Jul 2, 2012

This would be our invitation:

We would get married here:
(I don't even know where this is nor do I remember where I found this picture, sorry I can't source it)

or The Gorge.
. . . one of our favorite places in America

We would have our guests camp out in tents (or teepees) like this festival inspired wedding:

In-n-Out's food truck would be our caterer:

. . . and we would have this band play:

So instead we will make do with the most wonderful laid back, casual, unsophisticated wedding in the world.

. . . and I couldn't be happier!

More details to  come!


Courtney Kay said...

I love the wedding invitation! If it makes you feel any better, people would probably have a hard time figuring out how to use it :) So some cute simple ones will do just as well. Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans!

Anonymous said...

You love Jesus, love to blog and looooove to craft awesome things?! ummm...yes, I am pretty sure I found my new favorite blog! Perfect way to start off my Monday! :) Thank you!!
-Anneliese from SO. Cal :)

Contemplating Beauty said...

I love the inspiration Emily! So fun..:)

SGRMSE. said...

toooooo cute!!! i've kinda been giving this some thought myself of late. "the perfect wedding" i mean. lol. thanks for sharing :D :D

Aspiring Kennedy said...

If I had a bazillon dollars, I would make a homemade record invitation for every party, Christmas card and get well card because it is just the neatest thing ever.

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