Our Engagement Party!

Jul 23, 2012

Following a fun-filled day of hardcore registering on Saturday . . . 

We came home to celebrate our engagement with plenty of our family and closest friends.

The party took place at the home of two of my favorite people in the world, Mrs. Laura and Mr. Gary.

. . . and we had my favorite thing of all time: jambalaya and bread pudding!

The guest book turned out wonderfully, thank goodness.

So glad that so many of our friends were able to come!

The best little maid of honor in all the land 

Two of my gorgeous bridesmaids and former roommates 

. . . and more bridesmaids!

My family

Josh's dad and step-mom

Some of the wonderful hostesses!

Josh and mamaw, the celebrity of the party!

Josh's high school best friends

Josh's mom and dad

We absolutely loved our gift from the hostesses!

We were spoiled all night with sweet words and love from all of our family and friends.
It's so comforting knowing we have so much support from everyone close to us! 
Let's hope this is our one and only marriage (which I am praying for daily), because my cousin Allison was right, my cheeks were very sore following the party from all the smiling, laughing, and chatting.
It was just good practice for the wedding, I suppose!


Tyler said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like so much fun :) The guest book turned out great!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Congratulations!! Looks like it was a beautiful party!

Morgan said...

oh my, josh looks JUST like his dad in that first pic (with his step mom)! & ...I love your dress.

Hima said...

I love your pictures, and your dress. The chalkboard idea is super cute too! New follower!

Oh, and I'd love to invite you to check out my 150 follower giveawayhere


Empirically Erin said...

You are absolutely adorable!! And Josh's dad looks like he could be his brother!

A and B said...

looks like it was a wonderful engagement party! Congrats again!

Twyla said...

It was lovely. So glad we were a part of it! Love this blog, the party & you both!

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOD......Josh's Dad makes me start sweating LOL. You have nothing to worry about as far as Josh aging haha. What 2 beautiful men.

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