A guest free weekend

Jan 7, 2013

This weekend was our first weekend alone in our apartment since we've been married.
. . . not complaining though, it's always great to have guests.
We took advantage of the awesome weather Saturday and went to White Rock Lake, had an incredible lunch at Good 2 Go Taco, and then did a little record shopping.

Taco on the left:
The Hotlanta
Waffle batter fried chicken with honey butter sweet potatoes 
Taco on the right:
Honey Bear
Honey bacon, eggs, spinach, and goat cheese
I hope you are drooling everywhere.
 Charlie had a great weekend as well.
We didn't have storage space for his kennel so we tried to make him learn how to use it (for the first time in his 2.5 years of existence)
 . . . better late than never!
 Sunday I was spoiled with one of THE best steaks of my life.
 . . . and I returned the favor with some snickerdoodle blondies.
Marriage isn't all that bad guys.

Happy Monday y'all.
Say your prayers a job comes my way this week.
In the mean time, I'm still sorting through wedding pictures.
I hope to get some up this week!


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Sounds like a nice little weekend. I can't speak for Charlie as I'm sure he is nothing short of an angel, but both of our dogs are crate trained because they CAN NOT be trusted alone. Our oldest dog does well for 3 days and then she'll chew something (I know it is out of boredom). Last time, it was the duvet cover and duvet. Never again.

And they love their crates. They hang out in them sometimes.

Stamp in My Passport said...

Those tacos look amazing! Have you been to Torchy's Tacos yet? {I didn't know you lived in Dallas! I live over in Fort Worth.}


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