Friday's Letters

Jan 11, 2013

Dear Josh:
Thanks for my new record.
Your creativity and thoughtfulness blow my brains out.
Dear new Dallas friends:
When is the appropriate time to add you to Facebook?
That's weird.

Dear Charlie:
Thanks for protecting me from this really weird old man that came into our bedroom last night.
Dear Dallas:
You are pretty cool and I'm glad I get to live here.
. . . but your weather is nuts.
70 degrees today and possible snow next week.

Dear Tony Horton:
I really hate you.

Speaking of Tony Horton, Dear Hypnotic Donuts:
I'm coming for you. 
. . . and these. All of them.
Dear job interviews:
You might be the absolute worse thing in the word.
Way worse than Charlie's morning breath.



Erin said...

Hi Emily! Stopped over here from the link-up and wanted to say hi :) I love the picture of you and your man on the about me page- so cute! And your dog is pretty darn adorable too!!

Also- are those seriously donuts?! I've never seen anything delicious in all my life!!!

Chrissi said...

Hi there! Hoping over from Friday's Letters & wanted to leave a little note. Those donuts look amazing! and that mask looks super husband would torture me with one of those, and pretty sure our dogs would attack! Hope you have a great weekend!

Halie Renee said...

Hey girl! I found you today through the Friday's Letters link up, and I'm loving your blog already! And you are so cute! And I'm seriously drooling over those donuts up there. Holy moly that looks like a sweet tooth's dream... Looking forward to reading more, and getting to know you a bit more too!

m. said...

Found you through Friday's Letters today && am loving your blog! Also? Those donuts look incredible :)

Anonymous said...

Those donuts. I must have those donuts!

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