Our wedding arch project

Jan 10, 2013

Even though our wedding was a bit laid back, I most definitely wasn't a laid back bride.
I was a tad obsessive over many minor details.
For starters, the arch.
Our wedding was going to take place outside on the porch of a gorgeous venue overlooking a pond.
I had a very detailed image in my brain (thanks Pinterest) of what I wanted our arch to look like, and it wasn't one that could be bought.
We had to make it.
Thanks to some friends donating their river birches, and thanks to my awesome uncle and dad for being little lumberjacks for the day, we ended up with a pretty dang awesome arch.
We matched the lengths of each tree (and chose the skinny odd man out as the top bar of the arch)
They drilled a hole all the way through each tree, so that a bolt could be placed holding them together.
This was also necessary so that we could take the trees apart so the separate pieces of the arch could fit in the trailer to go to the wedding.
My ever so thoughtful uncle even bought brown paint to paint over the bolts!
We (I) was a bit anal about the alignment of it all.
My favorite part was the vintage planter boxes that mom found at a flea market!
We needed a strong base to support the trees, and this turned out the be the perfect solution.

We filled some plastic flower pots inside the planter boxes with Quick-Crete (we had to use two bags) so that it could form around the tree, and also be removable from the planter.
The men were proud of their project!
. . . and I was a happy little bride to be.
We wrapped rope around each corner, and our florist created a centerpiece for the top.
We draped some sort of ivy like thing (I don't know flowers, obviously) along the sides and then filled the planters with an assortment of some other cool flowers (see?)
. . . and here's how it turned out on the big day!
From the back:


Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

im getting married September 1st!! I have a metal arch to work with but I really like your use of flowers!! Did you do them yourself or hire a florist?

Jes said...

I love that! It looks perfect in all of the pictures!

Anna said...

this is so amazingly beautiful! I can't believe you guys made it. STUNNING!!

Allie said...

wow that is so beautiful! can't believe you guys made it!

Unknown said...

that is awesome! so anthro-ish. i love it!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Love it!

Erin said...

What a gorgeous arch you created!! Seriously SO perfect. Also- your 2nd bridesmaid?! I kinda' need that exact dress for an upcoming wedding I'm in haha.. any clue where it's from?! :)

Kelsey said...

LOVE your arbor! I'm getting married on March 16th, and my dad and I are going to make an arbor for the ceremony. Like you said, I have this perfect vision in my head of what it needs to look like! Haha.

The Adventurer said...


SO obsessed.

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your arbor. Just wondering...when did you plant the flowers in the vintage boxes? That same day or closer to the wedding. We are building something very similar and my fiance thinks the dirt will shift and ruin the flowers with the cement underneath!!
Thanks! You can reply to my comment by emailing me:

HopeO said...

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