Our Wedding {The Groomsmen}

Jan 24, 2013

Choosing the outfits for the groomsmen was a bit tough.
I knew I wanted to avoid the whole renting a tux thing.
Not that there is anything wrong with renting tuxes, I just feel like some people see weddings as a huge inconvenience, and spending over $100 on something you wear for a few hours and then return is just weird to me. 
. . . and do you know how much boys sweat at weddings?
They might as well sweat in their own clothes.
Anyways, I gave Josh some options like vests, bow ties, suspenders, sports coat, etc.
 . . . mainly because if crap was gonna be given about the cheesiness of what the guys wore, then I wanted it all directed at Josh, so the decision therefore was his to make.
I think Josh made a pretty darn good decision.
Josh gave each of the groomsmen their suspenders and ties, along with a mini bottle of liquor as their groomsmen gift.
We bought Josh's vest as well as the suspenders at H&M for $7 each! 
For the discount we used those $5 off cards they give out if you spend a certain amount of money, thanks to my shopaholic friends on our Chicago trip last summer.
The ties came from Ties.com and ranged from about $15-$20 each.
. . . and the 'staches were a requirement according to Josh, at least for the ones capable of mustaching.
The only minor detail that didn't come together was Josh's socks, which I noticed during our first look.
I don't think smartwools qualify as dress socks.
Anyways, the men looked as handsome as ever, and they definitely made the day enjoyable!
The best man did his best man duties well.
The guys weren't too into taking serious pictures.
The groomsmen were most definitely the life of the party.


Amanda Schroeder said...

How cute! I Love the suspenders idea.

Charlene Zale said...

The groomsmen look awesome. Great choice.

I want to do something like this for my future wedding. It just looks better to me :)

Kirithinks said...

love it! and thanks for telling me where you found the suspenders! My fiance is DYING to have them at our wedding and we've been on the hunt! :)

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awesome pictures! They seem like it, always makes the best parties with a group of men like that! :)

kayla said...

love, love, love!!

Eden Marie said...

love their mismatched ties! and your dress is absolutely stunning! seriously...one of the prettiest dresses i've ever seen!


Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

I love those suits and the suspenders!the pictures of all the guys turned out great! i love it when they're not too serious : )

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