Weekend update

Apr 8, 2013

This weekend was a good'n.
. . . slam packed full with fantastic weather, quality friend time, ad live music (finally)
Saturday night we went downtown to the Palladium to see Grizzly Bear. 
Here's a quick recap via my instagrams:
Ray Charles.
In case you were wondering about my rug situation (I'm sure it's at the top of your prayer list, right?)
I'm still searching, but thanks to so many awesome responses through social media, I have tons of routes to take my search.
. . . and then I found this rug which is pretty much the perfect fit.
The colors match perfectly and it looks dog proof.
Only problem is that it was being used as decoration in Whiskey Cake and there wasn't a tag on it.
The search continues.

The Dashboard Diary's first real life giveaway is coming tomorrow!
You don't wanna miss it!


Unknown said...

What a fun idea! It looks like you had a great weekend. xoxo

Rachael said...

These photos are awesome! I just read your other post about the rug dilemma this morning. Hope you find the perfect one!

Rachael said...

Did you ever find the perfect rug? I've been looking for something like that but haven't had any luck. I'm really obsessed with the one in this pic!!

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