Friday's Letters

May 17, 2013

Dear Friday's Letters,
Sorry I've neglected you again.
I'm starting to realize that being a PA and a blogger don't mix.

Dear magical Icelandic cough drops,
I'm so thankful I brought you back to America with me.
Even though I have no clue what is in you, you have saved my throat so much pain this week.
Dear Josh,
Why do you have to be so darn good to me?
Dear The Office Season Finale,
No tv show has ever made me cry as hard as I did last night.
I love you more than Jim loves Pam and I'm gonna miss you more than they will miss Scranton.
. . . but Austin is pretty cool.

 Dear yet another really photogenic homemade dinner,
Thanks for being so pretty yet so tasty.
 Dear Chunks,
Your tan lines are really uneven.
You'll never find a woman looking like that.
Dear weekend, 
Thank heavens you are here.
Let's last a little longer this time.


1 comment:

Leah said...

Love your sense of humor! :)

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