Weekend Smeekend

May 28, 2013

This past weekend was my first (and only) weekend on call for 2013. 
In a weird way, I kinda of appreciated the fact that I was on call because it required us to stay in Dallas, and forced me to relax.
Having to be ready to leave for surgery at a moments notice keeps me on edge (even washing my hair is stressful) but I survived.
We still managed to fill the weekend with lots of quality friend time and great food, duh. 
Saturday our apartment complex had a local food truck stop by!
We take full advantage of our free food days around here.
So far our apartment has given us free Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Red Mango, Salata, and Potbelly
How sweet was this little cutie who passed out fruit sorbets?
Getting to sleep in and enjoy coffee from our lawn chairs for three whole days was such a blessing.
Charlie appreciated it too, apparently. 
I got to spend Saturday night visiting with Allie on her drive back to Louisiana from Jackson Hole.
Charlie and I had a fantastic weekend.
. . . as did the other couple.
Memorial Day in Dallas marks the end of pleasant weather and the beginning of the suckiness.
Which called for a strawberry lemonade GoodPop.
I'm pretty addicted to these.
Have y'all had them?
All natural ingredients, made in Austin, and only around 50 calories! 
I hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as well.
We are so thankful for our past and presents troops who allow us to enjoy life in America.
Now, I'm off to tackle my two day work week, which is gonna be quite the challenge.

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Morgan said...

where oh where did you find that incredibly fun mug with the big whimsical handle?? I love it!

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