Rug Crisis: Solved

May 22, 2013

Remember my rug dilemma?
How, once upon a time I fell in love with this rug at Whiskey Cake with no tag or birthplace?
I searched high and low (thanks to a LOT of help from you kind folks on here, Instagram, and Facebook) and unfortunately my little particular little self found nothing. 
The closest I came to The Great White Buffalo, as I so affectionally called the one above, was this one pictured below.
I stopped by a local rug shop after seeing huge sale signs in the window and showed them the Whiskey Cake rug.
They then introduced me to this little buddy, that I instantly fell in love with.
Until I heard the price.
The "sale" price.
I'm really dramatizing this, aren't I?
Hey, it was a vintage rug from Turkey and they were giving me a $600 discount.
How kind of them. 
I do still love it, and I think about it often.
I just don't love it enough to pay the price of a small child.
Small children are expensive :)
Instead, thanks to Lauren (@, who has a pretty fantastic blog, btw) I found this bad boy at Ikea.
Conveniently, it matched perfectly, we had a $50 Ikea gift card, and the closest Ikea is less than a mile from our apartment. 
Now, it may not be THE perfect rug, but it will sure be a great starter rug to see how it withstands the wrath of Chuck and Josh.
Prices per size range from $120-$279 and you can find it here!
Again, thanks for all your help, I don't know what I'd do without the wonderful friends I've made through the blog world :)

1 comment:

Rachael said...

LOVE the ikea rug!! Great decision. :) I wonder why I didn't see it online when I was searching last week?

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