Our love affair with kale

May 29, 2013

Along with the rest of America, we have fallen in love with kale.
I snapped this pic last fall at Elizabeth's garden (how cute is that, seriously)
I've never been one to love veggies (until I met Josh and he cultured me) but I'm a sucker for anything that can be made into chips.
I've gotta have the crunch factor.
We often sauté kale, but my favorite way to cook it by far is by making kale chips (they just don't turn into the most photogenic side dish)
They made a great side with our shrimp and grits last week.
The tastiest (and easiest) way to make kale chips is by covering some shredded kale with Annie's Light Goddess dressing first then baking them at about 350 degrees until crispy.
. . . some other kale recipes we've tackled:
Sautéed lemon garlic chicken, kale, and squash covered with parmesan and chopped almonds then baked
. . . and of course the spicy chicken and kale stuffed sweet potatoes
If you have any other kale recipes I'd love to know them! 

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