How bout them dawgs?

Oct 21, 2013

This weekend we returned to the greatest city in Louisiana for our college homecoming game. 
The game was terrible, but the city was excellent.
We had a blast catching up with all of our friends, and satisfied all of our cravings we have developed ever since we left Ruston.
Post-game celebrations at Ponchatoulas were a necessity.
. . . and a Sunday lunch at Sundown was vital for our sanity.
This may look like a regular 'ol chicken sandwich to you, but this little thing consumes my dreams.
Grilled onions, swiss cheese, toasty toast, fresh cut french fries and homemade honey mustard. 
It was a weekly staple for four years of my life.
It would be a lot easier to leave Ruston if it wasn't so darn cute. 
Josh's one requirement on our way out of town:
Let me elaborate:
Johnny's Pizza started in Josh's hometown. 
Since then it has exploded and become the greatest pizza in all of Louisiana.
(In my humble opinion, but also everyone other Louisianaian's humble opinion as well)
They attempted to franchise in Texas (we even had one in Dallas for a little while) but Texas people don't seem to appreciate Johnny's in the way that we do.
Needless to say, many of the Texas locations aren't doing too hot.
We lost the Dallas one recently (RIP) but we survive the draught via Johnny's Take and Bake pizzas.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus. 

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