Leonard Lives On!

Oct 2, 2013

I've posted about Salvation Mountain quite a few times on this blog.
If you are new around these parts and you are like what the heck is Salvation Mountain then go here.
The last post I wrote about the happiest place on earth (here) I shared some of our videos from our experience meeting Mr Leonard, the creator of Salvation Mountain.
Since our visit, he has experienced very poor health and got admitted into a nursing home.
He was unable to continue working on his life project in the desert, but plenty of his friends stepped in to take over in his absence. 
There were rumors swirling around that he may have died, which was devastating to me.
I'm happy to say that we recently found out these rumors are false.
Josh came across this video about Mr. Leonard's first visit back to the mountain since he moved away.
You won't regret watching it.
This man emanates happiness like no one I know.

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