Working Girl

Oct 4, 2013

This week I had the privilege of spending 4 lovely days in Philadelphia.
For work.
I felt like such an adult, going on a real life business trip (in my fancy businesswomen flats and all), but the realization that this meant I was actually a real live adult was kinda depressing.
Even though I was spending 10 hours a day listening to lectures in a hotel ballroom with my boss, we still had some downtime at night to see the sights eat a philly cheese steak.
My mind is still blown by the fact that it is considered delicious to put cheese wiz on that thing.
Cheese wiz isn't even real food.
Side note: A local told us to pass up on the traditional cheese steaks at Geno's and Pat's (because the quality has gone down since they became popular) 
He sent us across town to Dalessandro's.
I opted for provolone instead of cheese wiz and I loved every second of it.
Staying awake during the lectures proved to be quite the challenge (even for a young, sprite gal like myself).
P.S. I was the only person in the room under 45, the only person not reading a newspaper each morning with a bottle of perrier, and the only person in the room not drinking espresso each afternoon.
I caught on to their ways quickly.
Sometimes, when I was feeling extra sleepy, I would sneak out and wander around the Williams Sonoma inside our hotel.
. . . which was probably not the best idea.
We enjoyed our last night in Philly with dinner at a really great French restaurant.
. . . where I overdosed on cheese via french onion soup.
 I saved room for dessert though (duh)
I couldn't decide between the creme brûlée and the creme brûlée cocktail.
They were equally fantastic.
 Then I got dragged to a cigar bar by my doctor, his partner, and his PA (all men over the age of ummmmm 45)
Girl power.
Being stuck inside for hours on end during these never ending lectures really had me day dreaming about mountains and camping and backpacking and kayaking and fly fishing. 
I've planned about 238 imaginary trips in my brain over the course of the week.

As much as I kinda enjoyed learning all about ultrasound guided joint injections, I think it's time to head home and see two particularly hairy boys.
. . . who are probably starving to death, without me there (at least I like to think so).
I like to tell myself that is a tear in Charlie's eye.

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Jess said...

I was totally going to say that it looked like Charlie had a tear in his eyes! How precious.

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