This time last year . . .

Oct 11, 2013

This week Josh and I went to two concerts, Local Natives and Vampire Weekend, both of which ended up falling on days where I was on call.
Just my luck.
Although I may have gotten a tad distraught about potentially being called in and missing the concerts, we managed to enjoy both shows without the interruption of work.
I've thanked Jesus for that probably 4905830945834 times already.
This time last year as I was just finishing up PA school, I distinctly remember thinking "I can't wait until I can finally live in the same city as Josh and we'll be able to go concerts together on weeknights."
As random as that is, the realization that it has actually happened hit me hard this week.
(Honestly, it hit me halfway through the Vampire Weekend concert last night and I may or may not have teared up)
We are exactly at the point in our lives where I dreamed about us being. 
We both have steady jobs and are living in a great city with easy access to a major airport and a great music scene (plus we are living in a city that is driving distance to our friends and family, which was my one stipulation)
Even though work is kinda consuming what feels like every second of every day, I can't complain.
We are happy.
This week was one of the roughest yet. 
We both leave before 7 and get home around 6.
Poor Charles, right?
Both of us were pretty physically and emotional beat up from work every night, but today I am experiencing joy like no other as I look back on how far we have come over the last 11 months.
Our financial status may not be what I imagined, and our energy levels at the end of a work day are not something I accounted for in my previously mentioned daydreams about weeknight concerts, but we don't let that hold us back from enjoying our time together.
The tough times surely make you thankful for the good times.
Happy Friday everyone.


Trish said...

All though I would give anything to be roomies again, I'm so very happy for you and your grown up life!!Love you em!!! Enjoy every minute!!
P.s. I think I know what would make things more enjoyable... A mini em-jo. Make it happen ;)

Charlotte Steggz said...

I only just got into VW - their song Horchata is my favourite thing ever right now. I'd love to see them live!

Morgan said...

I love, love, love this post. Being a grown up is generally very different from how we daydreamed it to be -- but the good feelings are all there and usually much better than we could have imagined huh? Love that "life is good" feeling :)

p.s. what is josh's new job?? did I see him in scrubs on your instagram?

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