Starting 26 off on a good note

Nov 14, 2013

After the world's worst day of work (why is it legal to have to work on your birthday?), Josh and I somehow made it through the hoards of post-work traffic to downtown Dallas for my birthday dinner.
This was no ordinary birthday dinner.
This was a six course beer paired dinner at Meddlesome Moth hosted by our favorite local brewer, Michael Peticolas.
Remeber the Peticolas Brewery tour here?
The chef of Meddlesome Moth and Michael teamed up to provide six pairings of craft beer and magnificent treats.
Quite fancy treats, at that.
Side note:
I ate that.
All of that.
Me, the pickiest person ever.
I ate beef tongue and veal neck!
Followed by the world's greatest panna cotta and candied gooseberries.
Best meal of my life.
I'm so thankful for this guy, who has cultured me in so many ways.
. . . oh, and then Josh swears Charlie filled this "gift box" on his own with all of his favorite things for me.
He has excellent handwriting.
So thoughtful of him, right?
After a laugh followed by a heavy inquisition, I found out that Josh asked Charlie what he wanted to get for my birthday and Charlie truly did grab a sock and drop it in the box.
That's love right there.
. . . and a fine example of psycho owners who talk to their dogs assuming they are humans.


Jess said...

You guys are so precious and I'm pretty in love with your dog. Happy Birthday!

Ashley said...

That is the sweetest and funniest thing! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

This is the best thing. Happy birthday! :)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Charlie's gift is the cutest!

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