Love Letters

May 22, 2014

Dear Alamo Drafthouse + Oskar Blues,
You put on a darn good beer pairing dinner and a movie a few weeks ago.
Dear Dumb and Dumber,
I honestly never realized I hadn't seen the actual non-TBS version of you until a few weeks ago.
Does that make me super lame or just kind of lame?
Funniest. Movie. OF ALL TIME.
Dear cheese making kit,
I truly love you.
I made pretty great mozz.
I made some fantastic ricotta.
Dear Texas,
Your italian food has yet to hold a candle to my beloved Monjunis.
Thanks mom, for helping us survive out here in the wild, wild west.
Dear Cedars Social,
Although you don't have a sign outside and you don't allow people to check in on social media, I won't hold that against you.
Your truffle fries and mac-and-cheese made up for your secretive, snooty personality.
Dear Mary,
Happy birthday you old-woman-almost-licensed-architect you.
Dear real live actual one hour lunch breaks,
You are for the birds.
Although I don't really know what you are like, I survive the lack of lunch breaks thanks to Suja and Kind bars.
Dear scrubs,
It's nice sometimes for us to be able to put you aside and actually venture out into the world in real-live normal clothes.
We don't want no scrub.
Dear Buda Juice,
You have turned this veggie hater into a veggie lover tolerator.
I've fallen victim to the juice craze and I can't stop, won't stop.
Dear Texas (again),
It's not very nice that you have such strict laws on the selling of raw goats milk.

All I've been able to think about over the last two months is how much I want to make goat cheese.
Goats milk soap isn't gonna cut it.

Dear Mckinney,
Quit being so darn cute with your silly little square and your farmer's market, ok?
Dear Craft & Growler,
We're hooked.
The place to go to get any locally un-bottle beer put into a growler (mega bottle) to-go.
Rather brilliant concept and I'm angry I didn't think of it.
Dear Peticolas,
You shouldn't allow Velvet Hammer to be served in growler size quantities.
I'm pretty sure Josh died and came back to life (in the two hour time span that he managed to drink the entire growler).
Dear mom,
I'm so happy you are finally able to retire take a break from teaching after all these years.
Glad to say you can finally become a housewife now (or a full time wedding planner).
I love you so much!
Dear pool + pool weather,
This pasty skin wasn't gonna make it much longer.
Dear Nicole,
It's finally time for you to become Mrs. Davidge and I couldn't be more happy for you.
I love you to death and I'm SO pumped for #thedavidgeshow

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