Mother's Day Weekend

May 18, 2014

Last weekend my family came to town to celebrate Mother's Day and my sister's birthday.
Of course when we all get together the number one priority is food.
It's genetic.
My sister Ellie and her boyfriend Eric just finished up their sophomore year at Tulane and they can't seem to find authentic Tex-Mex in New Orleans. 
While they were here we made sure they got their fix (Chuy's and Blue Mesa).
We had brunch at Breadwinners and Whiskey Cake (of course).
After a "quick" trip to Ikea, we grabbed a midday snack at Emporium Pies and followed up a few rounds of Top Golf with Twisted Root burgers.
Nothing makes me happier than being able to spend quality time with these people.
We definitely won the most badass family in the world lottery.
There couldn't be a more perfect Mother's Day card for our mom.
We got spoiled with a good one y'all.
Thanks for tolerating us all of these years mom.
I truly don't know how you did it (or how you kept us fed and clean andddddd turned us into somewhat normal, socially acceptable human beings).

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