Happy Fourth Birthday Charlie!

Aug 22, 2014

Today is our sweet pup's fourth birthday.
He's practically a grandpa now, right?
Charlie has had quite the eventful year.
His oh so perfect spoiled rotten only child world was slightly rocked when we added another setter to the mix.
Charlie's parents had another litter this year and we were able to get a biological sister for King Charles.
Six months later and I think he still resents us.
In true big brother form, he's a guhhhhreat wrastler though.
Here's a little recap of Charlie's fourth year:
Probably the highlight of Charlie's year was his Halloween costume:
The Irish Settler
He was quite the Bingo competitor.
He facetimed me while I was away for my first work trip.
Do you see a tear? I think that's a tear.
He continues to stalk the heck out of our neighborhood rabbits.
We took him back up to Arkansas for a weekend getaway.
Three years later and you can hardly tell a difference, right?
He posed ever so eloquently in front of our Christmas tree.
He helped us survive our first ice storm.
He snuggled up hard like he had the flu or something.
He attempted to dominate the center console on all roadtrips.
He thoroughly inspected our new record player contraption.
He became a genuine gangster.
He refused to let us take our Christmas tree down until February.
He met, and absolutely hated, our new neighbor pup, Rufio.
Which should have been a slight red flag for us.
He used is elbows the only way elbows should be used.
He continued to believe that if he wasn't making eye contact then he couldn't hear anything being said.
He dominated Supermarket Sweep.
He thoroughly enjoyed his last few moments being an only child and not being harassed, annoyed, or chewed on.
He got to reunite with his dad and mom in Mississippi.
They never sat still long enough for me to get a decent photo, but I snapped this one of his dad, Rhett.
They look nearly identical!
He became a big brother!
Call me crazy, but I kinda just assumed that Charlie would basically train Molly to pee outside, not bark at the neighbors, and to .
Not sure what I was smoking.
Kind of funny how we used to think Charlie was sooooo wild and crazy and bad, now all of a sudden with Molly in the picture he is the most calm, laid back, perfect angel of a pup in the world.
Charlie proudly showed off his 'ol stompin grounds, the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, to Molly recently.
He felt so cool, we could tell.
After living 3.5 years as a fluffy little, free-spirited, ungroomed pup, we finally caved a gave him a haircut.
He's still coming to terms with it.
Just recently he got to go back to Georgia and run 3098409283 laps around Josh's dads yard, but this time he had the company of two babes, Molly and Lucy.
Today we spoiled Charlie with a pupcake and as many walks as his little heart desired.
As a former "not a dog person" I'm still amazed how much love I have in my heart for this silly pup.
We are pretty darn thankful to have him in our life.
Check out these links to see Charlie's first, second, and third birthdays!


Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Awe Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! I love all of this recap, he is so pretty! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Leah said...

I can see why you love him so much!! He's totally cute and lovable!! :) Thanks for sharing a recap of his year. Happy Birthday, Charlie! Hope this is a wonderful year for you!!

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