Home Tour {Part 1}

Jan 27, 2015

Work has finally settled down, and I have a few spare hours in the day to function.
. . . and by function I mean cooking and watching Netflix and cleaning and watching Netflix and decorating anddd watching Parks & Rec on Netflix.
You know.
Wife things.
Thanks to a few creative folks in our lives and some pretty excellent Christmas gifts, our shelves are getting filled and our walls are getting decorated.
Putting holes in walls that you actually own is slightly more terrifying than drilling excessive, monstrous holes in apartment walls that you personally aren't thaaaat responsible for.
Over the last weekend, I finally gathered some courage and nailed a few holes into our beloved walls.
I cleaned up a bit, kicked Josh out, and then snapped some photos so you could have a little peek into our home.
K Book :: Anthropologie
Photo clips :: Target
Flowers :: fake
The watercolor portraits of the pups were painted by my sweet friend Maggie.
Aren't they incredible?
If you are interested in having a custom painting you can e-mail her at maggie.melancon@gmail.com
Shelf :: World Market 
Let's Go Anywhere print :: Katie Daisy on Esty
I'm a sucker for a good 'ole fashioned mirror selfie . . .
Photobombing dog :: Molly
Three tiered shelf :: World Market 
Most of these items on this shelf (such as the antique books and bottles) were used as decor at our wedding.
The flower girls carried the birch J+E bucket, and I made the "would you like to dance around the world with me" sign for our wedding as well.
I created the words from an antique hymnal and modge podged them to an old wooden map.
The quote is from one of our favorite songs.
Having it on display in our home is the perfect reminder of that lovely day two years ago where we said some vows, became travel partners for life, and then jetted off to celebrate in Iceland.
Photos and photo clothesline thingy :: Ikea
The kitchen.
My favorite room of the house.
When were first toured this house before we bought it, the kitchen was honestly what won me over. 
I remember thinking it was all downhill from here and that every house from there on out would pale in comparison.
I was right.
After all, it was the first house we ever looked at and the one we ended up purchasing.
Fake flowers :: Ikea
Barstools :: World Market 
Tables and chairs :: World Market Hudson Pub Table and Hudson pub stools
More fake flowers in a watering can I will never use to water things :: Ikea
The Toms chip clip stand makes a pretty nice Christmas card/invitation holder.
. . . and now I present to you my favorite house piece in all the land:
the hutch
After weeks of coveting this hutch at a local sandwich shop, Patina Green, we finally bit the bullet and made an offer.
We brought it home last weekend, and I still haven't been able to stop admiring it.
Josh finds that his picklin' needs to be on display.
I'm not compleeeetely sold on the concept, but hey, marriage is about compromise, right?
The center shelf is covered with an old battered piece of tin.
I think it's safe to say that is my favorite detail.
End table and coffee table :: World Market "Aiden" series 
(Are you sensing a creepy World Market obsession trend yet?)
Rug :: World Market (but I couldn't find a link to it on their website - it may be sold out?)
Our little bar cart (that we found at Trade Days in Canton) is quite stocked with the essentials:
All the Moscow Mule fixins, High West whiskey from Park City, some random bottle of wine that we never got around to drinking in Switzerland, and a few of our favorite bottles of Sweetwater Brewery's Dank Tank (that we are "aging" for a special occasion).
The sign you see above the cart is one of my personal favorites.
We initially fell in love with it at Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa, California on our three week west coast road trip.
After a few years of searching, I was finally able to track one down on eBay, and I surprised Josh with it last year.
The polaroid frame and the globe were also used as decor at our wedding.
Belt shelf : CB2
End table :: World Market
More fake greenery :: Target
So basically, the moral of the story is that we love fake flowers and World Market.
Coming soon:
A tour of our bedroom, master bathroom, formal sitting room/office and the upstairs (sooooo 2018?) 
Until then, let's just admire the hutch.


Taylor said...

having MAJOR kitchen envy!! it is BEAUTIFUL. the white cabinets are right out of my dream home. love this little tour. :) and your friend Maggie, the artist, is super talented...i always have thought that watercolors are particularly challenging!

ciao, xo

Ashley said...

Looks amazing! Love what you have done so far!! Your style is great!!

Les said...

Your house is so beautiful!! And I'm seriously envying that hutch. Love it!

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful Emily and looks just like yall!! It also looks super cozy and I love all the little details spread out everywhere!!!

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful Emily and looks just like yall!! It also looks super cozy and I love all the little details spread out everywhere!!!

Kaity B. said...

Haha- definitely picked up on the World Market trend. Why fight it? WM is amazing and you have great taste.

P.s. I'm totally infatuated with that chip clip stand for cards/invitations. Now where the heck can I find one?!

Leah said...

Love, love, love!!! 😊

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