Our quick jaunt across Europe {Southern France}

Mar 26, 2015

After spending about ten hours in the city of love (and eating our weight in croissants, macarons, and baguettes) we hopped on a high speed train headed to the southern coast.
I absolutely adored every ounce of France.
Josh slept through most of the ride, but I was too excited to let jet lag win the battle!
I didn't want to miss a single chateau, the vineyard, or farmhouse.
Every inch looked like a piece of art. 
We took a rental car from the train station in Montpellier to Pezenas, where Josh's family had a vacation home rented for the week.
We spent two nights with the Kerrigans in the cutest darn villa around.
The natural sunlight and fresh coastal air blowing in through the windows was probably my favorite part.
The villa required absolutely no need for electricity and air conditioning (but it sure was nice to have some wi-fi).
Our first night, Josh and I wondered down to a nearby hotel bar to have a few drinks and catch a world cup game.
. . . followed by a quick dip in the pool

It's safe to say that breakfast was my favorite thing about France.
Carbs with a side of carbs (and a dollop of Nutella) 
The town of Pezenas was quite the cutie.
I loved it's cobblestone streets, which no cars were allowed on, and it's bright buildings.
My first (of many) nutella crepes

Sister, sister (in law)
For our second day on the coast, we visited the city of La Grau du Roi.
We thoroughly enjoyed our fair share of France's 1664 beer.
I finally got to stick my toes into the Mediterranean, sort of.
This beach was more of a public, city beach.
It's not necessarily what you would imagine when you think of beaches on the southern coast of France, but we loved it nonetheless.
We even got to see a (semi) real live bull fight!
It was basically a "flag football" version of a bullfight, but still, there were real bulls and real bloodshed!
. . . and it was insanely hot
While in southern France, we managed to get some beer drinking practice before we got to Germany.
We woke up early on day three and took a train (or four) to Switzerland.
Train life is rough, I tell ya.
Next stop: Interlaken, Switzerland!

It should be noted that one of our train stopovers was in Dijon, France and I did in fact have a sandwich with dijon mustard.


Life's a shoe said...

oh wow beautiful photos! I spent a year living in paris and i loved it so much, and missing it everyday! I never made it out to the Southern part though, really crossing my fingers I can go back someday!


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