The weekend of many dates

Feb 24, 2012

Sweet little Amanda at The Daily Sweatpants is hosting a "Date Your Man" link party, (and due to the whole "long distance relationship" thing/lack of dates I had to this old post from my arsenal.
Feel free to hop on over to Amanda's blog and join the fun!

(Originally posted on October 9, 2011)

This weekend was jam packed with millions of billions of dates . . . 
We actually started dating 5 years ago this week, which gave us the perfect excuse to celebrate.

I had a nice date with Charles at the Nature Preserve.

. . . followed by a pretty mouth watering date with this caramel apple cupcake from Sprinkles.

Next up was a date with Ikea to plan and decorate my future imaginary home.

Josh and I got to refresh our climbing skills at the Exposure indoor rock climbing gym.

 . . . followed by a Whole Foods date.
(Team Ron Paul!)


. . . but the best date of probably my whole lifetime was this one.

It's not that often that we get to dress up all fancy and go on a reaaaaaaal date.
Josh pulled a fast one on me by taking me downtown to Nobu for probably the best meal of my existence.

I was so stunned, I told Josh he could order everything for me. 
(Mainly because I didn't wanna put too big of a dent in his checkbook, and partly because I was just freaking out.)
Josh chose for each of us to get a prepaid (8 course!) meal where the chef chooses each course for you.
Coming from someone who hates ketchup and vegetables, this was a very brave move for me.
It turned out to be the best decision ever, because I have rarely eaten anything this fresh/tasty/amazing/savory/mouth watering/ridiculous.
Naturally, I documented most of it so that we wouldn't forget it.
Judge me.

(True story: an NBA player who will remain nameless was sitting at the table beside me and imitated me taking pictures of our food so that all of his friends could have a good laugh)

First course: 
Toro tartar with caviar.
True story.
The best part was the Japanese mountain peach to cleanse our palates.
Fancy stuff, right there.

Seared Ahi Tuna sashimi salad with natsuhisa dressing.

Broiled Alaskan black cod with miso sauce wrapped in a bamboo leaf.
. . . and it had another Japanese mountain peach, my fav!

Kobe beef grilled at the table with asparagus, shallots, onions, and mushrooms sauteed in truffle oil.
Our fav course.

. . . an assortment of sushi.

. . . and then the cutest little mushroom soup I have EVER seen.

 Dessert was a strawberry tofu concoction . . . I didn't pay attention to many details, because I kinda panicked after I heard the word tofu.
Even though we were completely stuffed, this dessert was perfectly sweet and light.

Maybe we can go back in 5 more years?

(Todays reaaal post is coming later, no worries!)


Anonymous said...

Whoa! This is the ultimate date. You and Josh are so pretty (if guys can be called pretty):)! Praying for your future dates to come! Thanks for joining the linky party!

Lindsey said...

What a fun date! We went to Nobu once at the Atlantis... definitely very memorable! So glad you linked up!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you so much dear ! Your comment was really nice. You're the one with a great blog, hihh ♥ Would you like to follow each other?

You two look so adorable, nice photo taken in the car :)
Ooh and all the food, yummm. ^^

Have a great weekend!

- Indie by Heart

Emily said...

thank ya thank ya and i'm so glad you hosted it! brilliant idea! we'll have to do it again sometime!

Emily said...

oh myyyy it just blew my mind! i wish we could go back, but i'm thinking it might be in our very very very distant future. SO dang good thought!

Emily said...

thank you so much! love your blog, i'm a follower for sure!

lori said...

i love ikea!

and that date sounds awful fancy! the food looks delish... and how rude of the nameless NBA player... doesn't he know that as a blogger you have to document everything!?

Emily said...

haha, right! i couldn't agree more!

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