Recipe: Toad in a Bowl

Feb 23, 2012

Last weekend, I was in zombie study mode, and what do you do when you are in study mode?
Everything but study.
I was craving cheese and bread and eggs, and normally in this peculiar yet oh so common situation, I would make a toad in a hole.
(Which apparently is also what people in England call sausage in Yorkshire pudding. Eh?)
 That is probably the correct terminology, but I feel like you could call an egg inside a piece of bread anything you want.
Josh chooses to get all redneck and call it possum in a stump.

Anyways, I need a nice little study break, so I changed it up a bit.
I only made two bowls, and I don't have exact amounts of what I used.
 I just kinda threw stuff in there as I went.
Sorry OCD peeps out there, I'm really freaking you out right now if you were truly planning on making this.

Bread bowl/roll with a hole cut out (whatever works)
cheese (sharp cheddar would be the best)
green onions
whipping cream

I kinda got carried away with chopping up the green onions, but I'm kinda obsessed with the new Yoshi blade knife.

I used my camembert cheese from my most recent cheese shipment, but I wasn't crazy about it combined with the eggs.
Next time I'm thinking a sharp sharp sharp cheddar would be more appropriate.

Whisk some cream in with the eggs, then mix in however much green onions and bacon you choose.

Since I was using that Camembert cheese, I laid it on the bottom of the bowl before pouring the egg mixture over it.

I baked it on 350 for about 20 minutes, and the roll was getting crispy, but the middle of the eggs weren't cooking all the way through.
I ended up taking them out of the oven and microwaving them for about 30 seconds to get the eggs to cook completely (which worked wonderfully, but kinda made the bowl explode).

. . . and that was that.
Pretty darn easy (and pretty darn healthy, right?) 

Time for a little bloggy business meeting:

1) I've been informed by some real sweet bloggers out there that Google Friend connect won't be around much longer, so if you follow this blog through something other than Blogger, you better bookmark me or add me to BlogLovin because I would hate for you to get lost out there in no man's land.
That was an incredibly long run-on sentence.

2) Call me crazy, but am I the only girl in the world who didn't know you could edit pictures on photo bucket? I just thought it was a boring site to upload pictures too.
Dang it.

3) Apparently my domain name ( has been acting up.
When you try to visit the blog by leaving off the www. it takes you to some ugly page.
I called the fine folks at GoDaddy, and they cleared everything right up (and they were suuuuuuper nice and it was all SO EASY, so if you ever need a domain name I definitely recommend using them!)

4) If you wanna swap buttons for the month of march email me soon!

My emergency medicine test is tomorrow, so I'm off to bite off whats left of my poor little fingernails study.


Courtney B said...

Umm... this sounds AMAZING! I never would've thought to make eggs IN a bread bowl! YUM!

Robin said...

Looks so tasty :] You forgot to put eggs in your ingredients list silly! or maybe its kind of obvious that you need an egg so you left it out on purpose :] of luck to you on that test! I just bit off all my fingernails due to work as well.

I hope you'll check out my giveaway to support wounded veterans.

Samantha said...

Oh my gosh, yum. Thanks for making my mouth water so early in the morning. And that's too funny about Photobucket, come on girl... get with it! ;) Just kidding. There is sooooooo much I have yet to learn about all those types of sites! I'm sad that Google decided to shut down Picnik in April. Booooo, Google!


PS. I'm doing my very first giveaway!! Stop by and enter! :)

Emily said...

hah oh my! i cannot believe i left out that minor ingredient! I'm glad you caught it, thanks a bunch!

Emily said...

i could probably eat a bread bowl if it just had cheese in it. why is everything so much better in a bowl made of bread?

Emily said...

haha, thanks for the encouragement! one day i'll get around to playing around on there to see what all i can do! thanks for the comment!

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