Tunesday: Josh takes on The Lumineers

Sep 6, 2012

I have no words.
Well actually I do.
This is by far my favorite of Josh's covers (he would only let me post it if I edited out the end because he claims he messed up, whatever) 

Coming soon: Chicago, Jackson Hole, and wedding updates!
I'm back home for good (until the Bachelorette Party in VEGAS at least!) but I have SO much blogging to do in the meantime and I can't wait!
Please don't hate me :)


Unknown said...

I love the Lumineers, and this is a great cover. Be sure and check out my giveaway! xoxo

Lisamarie said...

You know I love Josh's singing. He is amazing. And The Lumineers... I LOVE them. I mentioned them on my blog today! I am going to see them in concert in a few weeks. Can't wait! And keep posting more of Josh's videos. I seriously love his voice.

Laicie said...

Oh my gosh, impressive! Love this. :)

Vic said...

Josh has an amazing voice! I'm sure you know that already... but still. I love this song, and this cover is absolutely perfect!

Robin said...

Incredible, his voice matches the song perfectly :)

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