The Tallest Man on Earth live in Dallas

Sep 7, 2012

One of the highlights of my future move to dallas (besides being able to live with the coolest dude I know) is the incredible live music options Dallas has to offer. 
Its pretty frustrating getting a weekly call from Josh about some awesome band he wants me to come see with him in Dallas . . . on a weeknight. 
I've only made the drive to Dallas and back on a weeknight, and that was for 7th row Bon Iver tickets, which was well worth it. 
Last week I stayed in Dallas in between my Chicago trip and my Jackson Hole trip (another perk of Dallas, a conveniently located major airport)
After I finished my national PA boards (which I found out yesterday I passed, btw, I'm an official certified Physician Assistant!) we celebrated by seeing The Tallest Man on Earth perform at House of Blues.

Now, we bought these tickets months ago (for $20 each) and after seeing him perform for the first time at Lollapalooza (after the insane evacuation), we were dying to see his full show. 
When we arrived at the theater we picked up our tickets from will-call assuming they were general admission tickets, like most House of Blues shows.
We walked in the venue to find rows and chairs and asked the worker how special you had to be to have seats in those chairs.
He asked Josh for our tickets and Josh said "Nah, ours are just general admission" 
Of course, I punched him and made him show the tickets (I was the one who bought them anyways) and to our surprise the worker took us directly to the second row.
It's hard to watch a show with your jaw on the ground the entire time . . . btw

The opening band was Strand of Oaks, who were also pretty impressive.

It was a fantastic show, to say the least.
. . . and to top off our weirdly awesome evening, The Tallest Man himself whipped out an oldie (and our favorite!) that he hadn't played in two entire years
 "The Wild Hunt" 

Can't wait to be an official Texas resident and be able to enjoy all the tunes and food involved.

Speaking of which, thanks SO much to all the guest posters from the past few weeks (and thanks for you readers for sticking out my little lack of fresh posts! I thoroughly enjoyed my break and I'm fully refreshed and ready to blog my little heart out!)


Gentri said...

LOVE tallest man on earth and I think Wild Hunt is my favorite of his music. What a fun opportunity!

The Management said...

I remember the first time I got super-close-to-the-front tickets for a show (Matthew Good)... sooo exciting. There's nothing else like it. I even got the set list :)

Chelsea said...

I love concerts. That's soo cool that Dallas has a good music scene. I never knew!

Unknown said...

That looks so fun!! I've never heard of him but I'm gonna go look him up on Youtube!

Unknown said...

gosh, I love him. So jealous you were able to see him. I'd love to see him (again) sometime!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

sounds like such a perfect night!

A and B said...

So jealous! Love the tallest man on earth. Ok ever since I found the lumineers on your site, I have told all of my friends and everyone is obsessed! Just thought i'd say thanks and seriously let me know if you have any more music recommendations!

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