Jackson Hole Adventures: Part 1

Sep 17, 2012

Upon officially becoming a real life Physician Assistant (it still doesn't feel real) I headed north to spend  an extended weekend with some of my favorite people in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
My friend Jennifer and I flew up there (somehow we miraculously made it on the same flight) and stayed with my college roommate Allie.
A few of our college friends also moved to the area, so we got to see plenty familiar faces!
Now I've been dying to go to Jackson Hole for the past few years, but there always seemed to be some magical force keeping me from getting there (and by magical force I mean a giant elk that totaled our car two summers ago)
It finally worked out where I was able to go (even though Josh wasn't able to make the trip with me)
We were originally supposed to go back to The Gorge for the three day Dave Matthews show for Labor Day weekend, but his was actually the first time Josh has ever said no to a trip in his lifetime.
He's a big boy now and he has to put work first.
It's a very alien concept for us both.
Anyways, I had the weekend free and I'm not good at wasting spare time, so I magically found a cheap flight and took off (without Josh, bummer)

As small as their airport is, it has to be the greatest place to land of all time.
The view is phenomenal.

After Allie and Alex picked us up from the airport we stopped for a quick bite at the Snake River brewpub, and I got teased for taking a picture of my beer.
. . . but I'm used to it.

We went to happy hour on The Deck, which was up the gondola at Teton Village.

Half price drinks, a fantastic band, and a gorgeous view!
The huckleberry lemonade was one of my favorite things of the entire trip.


SO glad to see Allie! 

The following morning Alex and I climbed High School Butte.
Not sure how it happened, but it did.
. . . and the view made it so worth it.
(and then in the paper Monday we read that Friday morning at 10:00 am, the exact time we were hiking, some guy got busted for having a meth lab, in the exact spot we were hiking)

That afternoon we thoroughly enjoyed watching Allie babysit the cutest little kiddo in Jackson.

Maria (our other college friend) hooked us up with free alpine slide tickets too! 

. . . and it was SO fun!

We went to visit our other Jackson Hole college friend Nelson at The Bird and watched the sunset on the patio.
How is a sunset this gorgeous possible!

Saturday morning we had breakfast (and cake pops for dessert) at the famer's market! 

Looking back on it, this city still seems like not real life.

P.S. I'm Linking up again with Bailey's Travel party this week!
Let Birds Fly

Check back tomorrow for part two, which includes rafting and some more incredible pics of this gorgeous city! 


Chelsea said...

Way to go girl! Gorgeous pics! I want to go here!

meme-and-he said...

looks like such a cool place! beautiful views. You are lucky that college friends have moved close by!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jackson Hole!!! It's one of my families' favorite places to vacation. I need to get Ryan to go!!!

Durante said...

I haven't gone to Jackson hole in forever! Last time I was home it was in the plans, but I was dissuaded. Glad you had such an awesome time! I totally want to do the sled thing!!!

Heather said...

You were right above my new apartment when you climbed the butte! I just moved here and it still seems like a fairy tale town!

Gentri said...

what a FUN trip!!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Have always wanted to go to JH - looks like a great trip with some yummy drinks!

Jillian said...

Congrats on being a PA! Even though you were sans Josh, it looks like you had an awesome time anyway. Love those views!

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