Wedding updates

Sep 12, 2012

1) We found the dress.
On Etsy.
It is short with long sleeves.
Don't judge me.
You can judge the fact that it hasn't come in the mail yet and I'm slightly panicking.
Ya know, just two months away.
No big deal.

2) Registering gives me more anxiety than any test I've ever taken in my life.
Is this normal?
Did I register for everything we need?
Did you register for enough things?
Is double registering weird?
Why doesn't World Market and Ikea have wedding registries?
The concept of registering is weird to me anyways.
It's basically like saying please buy us this and this and this.

Anyways, one of my favorite registry item thus far:

3) Here's our venue for the ceremony and the reception.
The best part: It can accommodate an indoor or outdoor wedding.
. . . and for indecisive people like me, we can change our mind at the last minute and it won't be a problem.

4) The rehearsal dinner will be at Landry Vineyard.
We loved this venue the most from our search, but it couldn't accommodate the number of people we wanted so we are using it for the rehearsal dinner instead!

5) The bridesmaids dress color scheme chaos is coming along just fine.
I'm so pumped to see all of the dresses together.
For now, here's Ellie's Maid of Honor dress:
6) Last but not least, we hired a local artist to design our invitations by hand, pen and watercolor.
To say I'm pumped is an understatement.
Wish I could share the final draft with ya'll, but I think thats against the wedding rules.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

That vineyard is gorgeous!! And I'm sure your dress is even more gorgeous.

Oh and the registries. I remember the anxiety with those. But here's the thing, you can return/exchange. Yay!

Harri Davison said...

Oh my gosh everything sounds amazing, I love hearing about weddings and the maid of honer dress.. simply beautiful x said...

congratulations! and i can already see you're going to be a beautiful bride and have an awesome wedding!
i got married two years ago (whoa, it still feels weird saying that), and seriously, once I found out IKEA didn't have a registry, i didn't even do one! i just told all my friends target giftcards would suffice..and it did wonders for us! i'm no expert on wedding etiquette, but i don't think it's a problem to double register! i've seen folks do that before.

Krista Lynn said...

I love the maid of honor dress!! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!! So excited for you!! :D


lori said...

your wedding is going to be gorgeous!! i really want to see the wedding dress, i actually love short with long sleeves.i am sure you will be STUNNING.

Chelsea said...

Wow, it looks and sounds beautiful! I'ms ure that it will be great!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like your thinking about the same color scheme as I had...We had a lot of burlap and lace...and the colors were all neutral and blush.

Don't worry! It will feel like panic mode the next two months...and then the wedding will go by in a blink of an eye. We didn't even really get to eat the food! We went to McDonalds drive thru after (:



Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Can't wait to see your dress! And that venue looks absolutely perfect!

The Management said...

I'm pumped to see the invites! I bet they're going to be amazing!

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