I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite the thrifty shopper

Sep 24, 2012

For starters, I joined Daytrotter (an insanely good website that provides live music sessions for a $2 monthly fee!) and got this fantastic Lumineers/Cival Wars record fo' free!

I just couldn't leave Chicago without buying these glasses at Anthropologie.
They were half off, and every one needs cool squished glasses, right?
Thank God they ship.

Unfortunately, I learned that Anthropologie shipped the day after I purchased this half off lamshade. 
. . . which had the privilege of riding in my lap on the flight home. 

Another one of my discount purchases were these men's suspenders at H&M
 . . . thanks to my sweet classmates (who each have a serious shopping problem) who provided me with their $5 discount cards given to them for purchasing $50 or more at H&M, Josh was able to get these bad boys for $7 each for this groomsmen.

. . . and thanks to our friend Nelson working at a thrift shop in Jackson Hole, I was extra thrify and found this little piece of artwork for the grand total of $5.

I think the highlight of my thriftiness would be this:
. . . after a little session at Nordstrom Rack somehow I wound up with this receipt.
I saved more than I spent?
I'm a shopping genius you say?
Thats the kindest thing I've ever heard.
Josh, do you agree?

You better agree! 
I got two pairs of wedding shoes for less than $100!
Does that mean they won't be comfy? 
Oh well.
I actually just saw these on Pinterest the other night, so I guess that means they are cool.

. . . and anyone who drinks PBR is a true thrifty shopper in my book, right?

This lamp from Anthro is my next project to tackle.


Chelsea said...

Haha you are so funny! Love your blog!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

it's always awesome when you can save more than you spend!!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

That lamp shade is the cat's pajamas. For real.

I always love finding a bargain.

Rachel said...

LOVE those suspenders!

The Adventurer said...

Pahaha "I saw these on Pinterest so they must be cool". Do I think that in real life? Absofreakinglutely.

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