Tunesday: Another cover song by the one and only

Mar 27, 2013

It's quite the challenge to get this kiddo to let me post videos of him singing online.
. . . but after being on call the other night at at the ER for 5 hours, I came home to another good'n from my sweet little husband.
(He only records himself when I'm not home, so I'll take that as a hint to just shop more or something, ya know, for the sake of good music)
This one gave me chills and brought a few tears to my eyes.

Since he was SO awesome and let me post two whole videos of him singing last week, I bought him a ukelele.
. . . and even though he had never touched one before Saturday, as soon as he picked it up he was already strumming away like he had been playing for years.
He's not human.
Fingers crossed for more tunes coming soon.
Go here to go to his youtube channel!

1 comment:

Elle said...

his voice is beautiful! I have a closet singer hubby and soo wish I could get him to record something. I might have to show J this and be like---seee?! ha

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