Friday's Letters

Mar 29, 2013

Dear sweet patient of mine,
On one of my toughest days of work thus far, I came back to the office after surgery to find tulips and a sweet note from you letting me know that God placed me in the perfect job.
Dear God,
Thank you for providing me with the patience to wait for the perfect job (and for a sweet husband who let me take my time)

Dear HopDoddy,
I'm SO unbelievably pumped you opened a Dallas location!
. . . and that you have gluten free buns!
I've been having ahi tuna burger dreams for nearly a year now.
Dear Josh,
I think you set the record for most hipster things in one photo.
Dear Pioneer Woman, 
Your iced coffee recipe has basically made me the happiest camper in America.
Dear Monkey,
I'm glad you got to celebrate your 25th in Vegas, then we got to re-celebrate in Dallas (Whiskey Cake style, duh)
Dear Whole Foods,
What made you think a cardboard straw was a good idea?
Even though it is stinkin' cute, the floppy/soggy factor about caused me to lose my marbles.
Dear Josh (again)
Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any more talented, you go a doodle some pretty awesome cartoons of our friends.
Are y'all sick of me gushing over Josh yet?
Dear so very loyal readers,
I'm so very excited to announce that I'll be having Dashboard Diary's first giveaway next week!
Be on the look out next week for my post about it so you can enter!
Happy Goooooooooood Friday and Happy Easter y'all!


Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

what a sweet thought from your patient! i'm so glad that you found a job that you enjoy!

Robin said...

Your "gushiness" for Josh just shows how beautiful of a relationship you two have!

Rachael said...

Love his drawing!! I agree about the cardboard straws, they are cute but so annoying!

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