Our Wedding {Projects}

Mar 24, 2013

Other than our major wedding arch project we tackled, I was also busy working on plenty of other projects throughout the preparation process.
For our reserved seat markers I bought some $1 frames from Michaels and hot glued moss to the edges and tied some lace ribbon to the top.
My map/hymnal project made its debut also! 
I also worked hard on converting some of our favorite pictures into polaroids and printing them at home (which was actually super easy and cheap!)
I taped them onto an old window frame with some cute washi tape!

Here are some of the other wedding projects I’ve already blogged about . . . 
We used an old hymnal to make cones which held the rose petals for our exit.
Mom and I made homemade salsa and peach jelly as hostess gifts for our showers.

Probably my favorite "handmade" detail of our wedding was our invitation.
We had an artist hand draw our invitations and map, and then my mom printed each and every envelope herself!
The original piece of artwork used to make the invitation now hangs in our living room


Rachael said...

I LOVE each and every one of these details!! OMG this post gives me so much inspiration for my own wedding!! When will the rose petals be tossed? Also, how do you convert pictures into Polaroids??

Charlene Zale said...

Everything is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

These details are so lovely!

{EnLove With Life} said...

WOW - I am in awe of your fabulous DIY work on your wedding! Each creation is so beautiful!!

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