Spring breakin' in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Mar 18, 2013

Now that I am a real life adult with a real life job, I figured my days of having a spring break were over.
Thank goodness the doctor I work for has children in high school. He took off a week to spend time with them for their spring break, which means I got a spring break too! 
Josh and I have a handful of our college friends living in Jackson Hole right now, so we figured it would be the perfect time to go visit them.
Last summer when Jennifer and I went, the un-skiable mountains were such a tease, so I was pumped that we made it back for ski season.
We flew up to Denver to ride up to Wyoming with our friend Sutton.
Apparently booking last minute flights=first class
It was our only option, and I think the extra cost was well worth the all you can eat Toblerones.
Also, I have a terrible habit of bringing my DSLR on trips and forgetting to use it, so all of these photos are from my iPhone.
Dont be mad.
Lunch break :)
I need a little ski nugget.
Or nuggetS.
Dinner at Thai Me Up!
For our final day on the slopes, we got extra brave and took the tram.
"Taking the tram" may sound like a piece of cake to most folks, but it was quite the challenge. 
Around 100 people have to squeeze into the box and take a 10 minute ride up the highest lift in Wyoming.
At the top you get a little speech that goes something along the lines of "this mountain is for expert skiers only so ski at your own risk, you may die, blah blah blah"
So, that was cool.
. . . but hey, the view was incredible and we actually conquered the black slope at the top of the lift.
It wouldn't have been a successful ski trip without a few injuries.
Sutton separated his shoulder.
We spent our final night at a dinner cooked by the mom of our sweet friend Nelson.
Thank goodness for a lovely, scenic drive home.
. . . with some bighorn sheep! 
Final to-do:
Denver's best rocky mountain oysters.
I'm kinda gagging just thinking about it.

. . . back to the real world today.
Grosser than rocky mountain oysters.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Separated shoulder!

This look like a fun spring break! I'm lovin' the casual pitcher of jello shots.

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

man you're a brave one! i tried snowboarding twice and it FREAKS.ME.OUT!

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